Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey
Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey
Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey
Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey

Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey

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This is the official authentic pro Reverse Retro jersey of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Produced by adidas and licensed by the NHL, this black jersey features red and white color blocking on the shoulders, red and white striping around the elbows of the sleeves, and a red stripe around the bottom of the jersey. The Blackhawks Reverse Retro edition is a take on the secondary white jersey to the barber pole-striped style worn from 1937-1955. It has never been used in this colorway.

The jersey features moisture-absorbing fabric, as well as perforation on the shoulders and ventilation in the armpits. The jersey also features a fight-strap inside on the lower back with hook-and-loop snap closure.

This item is considered a men’s cut and has a relaxed fit.

100% polyester


We are able to offer lettering through the official team stitcher of the Chicago Blackhawks.


NAME- this appears on the back of the jersey in capital letters. There is a maximum of 12 characters allowed. Spacing will be accommodated if included (i.e. Coach Smith). We can also include punctuation (i.e. MR., MRS., JR., etc.).

NUMBER- these will be placed on the back of the jersey and on the sleeves. We can accommodate up to 3 numbers, but 1-2 numbers are encouraged as it is a better fit. 3 numbers may result in reformatting the size of the numbers.

C OR A PATCH ON THE FRONT- this notes either a "captain" ("C") or an "alternate captain" ("A"). Please note that when ordering a Toews jersey the "C" patch will automatically be applied and when ordering a Keith or Seabrook jersey the "A" patch will automatically be applied as they are the current official captain & alternate captains. 

Once your order is placed, we send a blank jersey off to our lettering company to be customized. Your jersey is sent to the same lettering company as the team’s on-ice jerseys. Our letterer has been the official lettering supplier to the Chicago Blackhawks since 1995.

Once your jersey arrives at the lettering company, each letter and number is custom-cut from tackle-twill fabric. The letters of the name are applied to a nameplate with adhesive and then each letter is individually stitched to the nameplate. The nameplate is custom cut to the length of the name and then sewn down to the upper back of the jersey. The numbers are a dual-layer tackle twill that are also applied with adhesive and then sewn down directly to the jersey back and sleeves. 

Customization is set to the exact specifications of the actual team jerseys. For example, the size, the style, the spacing, the fabrication, and the adhesion of all letters & numbers are all set to the exact same specifications of the Chicago Blackhawks official on-ice jerseys, i.e. the lettering on your jersey will be the exact same as the lettering on Patrick Kane’s game-worn jersey.

We are the only retailer that offers the official lettering of the Chicago Blackhawks.


Lettered adidas Reverse Retro Jersey